Quick and easy template design


  • Design sophisticated templates tailored to your organization or client’s screen resolution, color schemes and preferences.


  • Includes generation of multi-level menus.


  • Easily apply the entire template to your QlikView applications.


  • Changed your application, menu structure or styling? A simple press of a button automatically applies the updated template, without any manual steps.

Same dashboard, different template

Simple color management


  • Point and click creation and updating of color schemes, and quick iterations make it easy to quickly find the perfect color scheme for your QlikView applications


  • Extract color scheme from your existing QlikView application


  • Apply a new color scheme at the press of a button

Built-in object library


  • Complete library of pre-styled objects, ready to drop into your QlikView applications


  • Comprehensive wizard to select the proper visualization for your goal


  • Minimize your time spent checking checkboxes, select a visualization, drop in your dimensions and expressions and you’re done

Object mapping


  • Build and use custom object layouts, or select any of the included layout to quickly create a balanced layout for your QlikView application.


  • Select pre-styled objects from the object library, or use the objects in your existing application.


  • Map the objects to your QlikView application by simply pointing and clicking.


  • Quickly redesign QlikView dashboards, or build prototypes to test ideas.

And much more


  • Generation of ad-hoc analysis / self-service reporting objects


  • Tools for managing variables


  • Our mission: to make QlikView front-end development as fast, simple , maintainable and smooth as possible